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Welcome to Medical Review Academy!

We have released 5 sessions covering critical compliance tips, medical record documentation, and effective processes for long-term success under PDPM.

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Awesome job on the presentation and the information Susan. Can’t help but reflect to us back when PPS was piloted and implemented :) Great information and user friendly steps to follow. Thank you!

What our viewers had to say...

One of the best webinars which I have attended on this topic!


The webinar was Excellent! The team was so efficient and knowledgeable. Fantastic!

"t was very informative and easy to understand. One of the best 1 hour spent listening to a Webinar.

This was excellent. As part of a QIO this will be great in working with our homes on these changes. Thanks so much!

Very detailed presentation -  liked the content, analysis and recommendations. Overall, one of the best webinars produced!

QRM is revolutionizing rehab under the new Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM)


Reimbursement change is coming October 2019. Providers and their partners need to integrate strategies now to be prepared and successful under this new model. Our team at QRM is the partner that will guide you through the challenges.


Our core management team is considered one of the most versed in PDPM and has spoken at national conferences across the country. We understand PDPM and can educate your organization on the steps needed to begin the shift to the new payment model. 


Service Offerings Include:

  • Examining your historical data to identify patient driven opportunities using our proprietary and interactive PDPM analytics 

  • 1:1 consultative session with our PDPM financial specialist to review fiscal impact

  • Customizing a PDPM training readiness agenda for your organization 

  • Implementing specialized programming for your rehab and nursing departments focused on outcomes and collaboration of resources 

QRM has led PDPM training sessions with leading industry organizations such as ACHCA, Skilled Nursing News National Webinar, THCA and CHCA. Contact a QRM PDPM expert today to schedule a tailored training for your company.

Let QRM alleviate your concerns, we got you covered! 

"Great PDPM training, extremely thorough. We look forward to working with QRM on campus."

                   -Administrator, Ithaca, NY
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PDPM reimbursement will be determined by patient characteristics captured on the initial MDS. It is vital for rehab to take an active, collaborative role in all programming whether it be skilled, wellness, or restorative. 


Our QRM case managers create a new culture in rehab departments where patient centered care leads all decisions. Their key focus is:

  • Integrating rehab into IDT's to identify patient specific prioritized needs within 48 hours of admission

  • Collaborating on Section GG to ensure all caregivers focus on functional goal progress and transition readiness

  • Training all skilled eyes to identify and appropriately document conditions to support capturing on MDS

  • Integrating rehab programs into the facility throughout the day - morning ADL’s / walking / stairs / car transfers / home assessments / simulation of home setting and requirements for safety

  • Collaborating with restorative nursing programs with a focus on wellness, endurance and repetition of prioritized tasks

  • Customizing clinical pathways for individual prioritized goals


QRM has PDPM preparation strategies that can be implemented in your facility today; reach out to get started on your transition plan.