Advocacy Needed to Avoid 2022 Therapy Related Fee Schedule Cuts

This is an urgent call for advocacy letters from individuals and organizations requesting CMS’ reconsideration of the 15% proposed CY 2022 Fee Schedule reimbursement reduction for services provided in part or in full by PT and OT Assistants currently proposed to go into effect January 1, 2022.

NASL has prepared and shared a customizable comment letter template through the included link below. This template is easily completed and submitted through the link in minutes, if not seconds. NASL has asked that we freely share this with colleagues, family members, and non-NASL members.

The primary ask of CMS within the customizable template is as follows:

1. Delay for one year the implementation of the 15% payment differential (allowing for finalized rule clarification and training of staff in a time when we are not in the midst of a public health emergency)

2. Provide an exemption to the policy for providers serving Medicare patients in rural and underserved areas

Let's Get to the Point:

United, we have proven when we stand strong and voice loudly our cause that will positively impact our ability to deliver quality care for our vulnerable population, we succeed. Now is NOT the time to enact changes that would negatively impact access to and quality of care. CMS’ deadline for comments on this topic is September 13, 2021.