COVID-19 Resources & Guidance

More COVID-19 Updates:

  • 4/23/20 Additional HHS Relief Funding

    • The CARES Act is including a $100 billion provider relief fund to support healthcare-related expenses or lost revenue attributable to Coronavirus​. See Here


  • 4/14/20 Expanded Telehealth Access

    • UnitedHealthcare expanded policies around telehealth services for Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Individual and Group Market health plan members.See Here


  • 3/27/20 New Electronic Telehealth Toolkit

    • CMS has issued an electronic toolkit regarding telehealth and telemedicine for LTC Nursing Home Facilities. See Here


  • 3/27/20 COVID-19 Relief for Value Based Purchasing Program

    • CMS announced relief for clinicians, providers, hospitals, and facilities participating in quality reporting programs in response to the Coronavirus. See Here


More Updates for Colorado:

  • 4/22/20 CO Update CHCA COVID-19 FAQ

    • CHCA has been working with all relevant state agencies and the office of the Governor to help ensure that providers have as much flexibility as possible in responding to the COVID crisis. See Here


  • 4/20/20 CO Update CDPHE Amended Notice 20-20 Restricting Visitors at LTC Facilities

    • CDPHE emergency measure to restrict visitors to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living residences, and intermediate care facilities in Colorado. See Here

    • CDPHE Long-Term and Residential Care Facilities page


  • 4/8/20 CO Update CDPHE Crisis Standards of Care 

    • GEEERC has revised the Crisis Standards of Care for Colorado.​ See Here

More Updates for Missouri:

  • 5/6/20 MO Update MHCA COVID-19 Resource Page 

    • Visit this website daily for the latest information from AHCA/NCAL, DHSS, CDC, and CMS about novel coronavirus (COVID-19). See Here


  • 4/23/20 MO Update Missouri DHSS COVID-19 Resources

    • DHSS is filling PPE resource requests from hospitals and healthcare providers only. Limited supplies will be allocated according to the guidance in the documents linked here. See Here


  • 3/27/20 MO Update MHCA COVID-19 Toolkit

    • MHCA has consolidated information and resources from AHCA/NCAL, CMS, DHSS, and the CDC into a Comprehensive MHCA COVID-19 Toolkit. See Here


More Updates for New York:

  • 4/20/20 NY Update NYSDOH Discontinuation of Isolation for Patients with COVID-19

    • Recent guidance allows for discontinuation of isolation for patients with COVID-19 when they meet certain conditions. See Here


  • 4/20/20 NY Update NYSDOH Guidance for Resident and Family Communication

    • Governor Cuomo recently signed two Executive Orders in relation to communication with family members. See Here


  • 4/4/20 NY Update NYSDOH Guidance Compilation for LTC

    • A consolidated list of guidance released by NYSDOH related to the COVID-19 pandemic response. See Here


  • 3/28/20 NY Update Webinar: Infection Control Guidance for Nursing Homes and Adult Care Facilities See Here​

More Updates for Texas:

  • 4/27/20 TX Update Open Texas Report

    • Governor Abbott released “The Governor’s Report to Open Texas”.  The report discusses the phased in steps for opening Texas businesses beginning May 1st, as well as the State’s focus on additional efforts such as increasing testing, contact tracing and recommendations for a “Long Term Care: HHSC/DSHS Comprehensive Mitigation Plan”. See Here​​​​​​


  • 4/27/20 TX Update HHSC Response Plan for Nursing Facilities

    • HHSC released their response plan providing guidance to Nursing Facilities on Response Actions in the event of COVID-19 exposure.See Here


  • 4/27/20 TX Update Statewide Joint Release from Three LTC Texas Associations

    • Heroic efforts made by providers to protect our most vulnerable citizens during pandemic. Where is their support?​ See Here