Continue your patient's care in the home

Care Transitions Management

Our Care Transitions Management division is focused on assisting post-acute providers with following their patients home. Our model helps ensure you can prevent unnecessary

re-hospitalizations by remaining involved in your patient’s treatment, keeping your patients through the entire episode of care. There is no better way to ensure patient safety and satisfaction than to rehabilitate them in the environment in which they live and function every day.

We institute and manage additional revenue opportunities for post-acute entities that include downstream home health partnerships using your therapists, outpatient therapy in the home, and Remote Physiologic Monitoring Programs. We apply resources you already have to extend patient care and you bottom line.

What's Included:

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Community-based Referral Management

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Expert Billing and Collections team

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Narrow Network partnership development tools, templates, trainings, and policies

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Entity and Therapist credentialing services

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Remote patient monitoring: 24/7/365 emergency triaging

An Ideal Solution For:

  • Value-based purchasing penalty management: stop unnecessary re-admissions.

  • Unified Post-acute Payment preparation: align your preferred partnerships with home health agencies now in prep for shared reimbursement.

  • Chronic Care oversight: Prevent potentially avoidable healthcare costs by virtually monitoring the top chronic conditions causing re-admissions in the Senior population.


How does a “Home Therapy Private or Group Practice” create new opportunities for my facility(ies)?

QRM will help you create a multi-specialty practice of therapy practitioners who will assign over their own credentials to treat and bill for home-based outpatient services in the home setting. These practices are typically owned by the SNF, ALF, or home health agency Provider. Registered therapists who are properly credentialed by QRM can perform services in the patients’ home and QRM will bill those services to 3rd party payors on your behalf. 

How does QRM assist with narrowing my home health network?

QRM has specific expertise in home health reimbursement and building post-acute relationships. We can work with you to vet your local agencies using specific metrics and scorecard criteria and then negotiate pricing and contract terms with each agency on your behalf. If you already know which agencies you want to partner with, we will help establish the implementation and kickoff of the relationship. 

What types of patients could benefit from a remote patient or physiologic monitoring program (RPM)?

Any patient who has one or more chronic condition(s)/diagnosis may benefit from remote patient monitoring. Chronic conditions may be cardiovascular, neurologic, metabolic, or pulmonary in nature. Eligibility is determined through a risk analysis done by the RPM nursing and physician team.