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Our team is comprised of therapists who have been executive leaders in the rehab space for decades.  We created a management model where we take care of every detail of your rehab  yet do it in an extremely cost effective way.  Whether your rehab department is currently in-house or you are ready for us to transition your rehab department to in-house vs. 3rd party outsourced, QRM creates the rehab structure that you always wanted but were unsure how to execute. 


Let QRM work directly in your best interest by taking your burden, not your profits. 

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We convert those who are still using a 3rd party rehab vendor to an in-house model so they are in control of both their cost and revenue.  Once therapists are in-house and truly a peer on the facility team, a QRM regional is on-site and thoroughly in the day to day management of the rehab department.  We provide all recruiting services, host the rehab software, and provide ongoing ADR services.  We support the therapists with training and resources to ensure quality and positive outcomes are always the focus. 

QRM provides significant and detail oriented PDPM training.  We are booked throughout the nation for PDPM speaking engagements and training;  we are completing monthly PPS to PDPM analytics for our customers, on-site facility training, webinars, podcasts, and strategy consulting. 

Who We Are

Freda Mowad, M.S., CCC-SLP

Chief Executive Officer


Freda Mowad, Speech Language Pathologist, has over 20 years experience as a rehab company president and executive leader


Susan Krall, PT

Chief Strategy Officer


Susan Krall, Physical Therapist, has over 30 years of multi-state Post-Acute Care rehab management experience

What people say



The webinar you gave today really summed it up perfectly.  I immediately took this to our MDS Staff and DOR and put in place effective transition dates accounting for all necessary criteria and circumstances that may arise.


Thank you, this was the most succinct presentation on the flow and importance of data gathering I've seen in all of the webinars I've attended. And believe me it's many!!!



Thank you again for coming and helping us find the light switch to this difficult topic. I understand the topic much better and I believe you should pass this on to the future of our industry. Appreciate your efforts!


I  have been attending MANY presentations and webinars on PDPM. and I have found QRM some of most informative and easy to understand.


Our vision is to work together to perform better because of one another. To build a community where the operator is supported in order to provide maximum resources to those we serve.

Where We Are

Growing nationwide...

134 skilled nursing facilities 

8 states - CO, CT, GA, NE,

                 NY, TN, TX & WY



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